A few weeks ago we hosted our first game jam of the year, the frosty winter game jam. You could say it was a chill time jamming out with everyone who came by. For the first jam of the year, we had a great turn out! There were many new faces and some really great returning alumni! For this jam, we decided on the theme of “Cozy Lodgings.”

20190112_142244There were four teams and they made some pretty great games. One group made the game “Yeeti Yeti” and to put it simply you play as a yeti that captures humans to yeet into furniture to make a cozy home


The second group created “Playing with Fire”, which was a fun and cute game about feeding your flame pet to prevent it from burning your house down.  This groups game even had a full, playable tutorial!


“Desperate Measures” was the resource gathering bullet hell made by our third group.  You play as a penguin trying to build an incredible igloo, but you have to brave the environment and wild enemies to gather fish, stone, and ice.


Our final game was “Sticker Simulator”, the relaxing sticker placing simulator.  You can place stickers all over a laptop or a water bottle while listening to a variety of fun songs.


The Frosty Game Jam was awesome and we look forward to hosting more jams in the future.  Speaking of…we will be participating in the Global Game Jam this coming weekend!  We can’t wait to see so many new and old faces coming together to jam out some amazing games.

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