Hello everyone!

If you weren’t aware last weekend was Global Game Jam, the largest game jam in the world! This year JDE had the opportunity to team up with two other awesome organizations. The first one being DeFRAG (DePaul Fundamental Research in Academic Gaming) and the second being IGDA: Chicago, Chicago’s IGDA chapter.

Since we were teaming up with DeFRAG we were able to make the event a double overnight. In the past DeFRAG was only able to do one overnight due to some school policies but with both organizations working together we were able to make the event a full 48 hours!

We had almost 90 people participate in this game jam. With so many people participating we had a wide range of students from different schools and professions participate. This year’s theme for the jam was “What Home Means to You” with that said we had about 10 teams make games. Here are some images of their work below:

GGJ2019_Games.pngAlso, since we were teaming up with IGDA we were able to get three amazing judges for the event.

Our first judge was Ross Hersemann. Ross is the Founder of Loading Law, a Chicago-based law practice, and provides legal counsel to video game developers and entrepreneurs in the tech sector. Ross is also the Organizer of the Chicago Video Game Law Summit and an Adjunct Professor of Video Game Law at DePaul University. He speaks frequently on hot topics in law and technology. Ross also serves as the Chair of IGDA Chicago’s, Co-Chair of the CBA YLS Creative Arts Committee, and as a Board Member of the VGA Gallery.

Our second judge was Kyle Bailey. Kyle is the CTO and Technical Director of Phosphor Games based here in Chicago. He also organizes game developer industry nights that occur monthly.

Finally, our last judge was Ashlyn Sparrow. Ashlyn is the Assistant Director of the Weston Game Lab that is part of the new Media Arts, Data & Design (MADD) Center at the University of Chicago. She works with students, faculty, and youth to lead in the development of serious games, interactive learning experiences, and digital media.


Since we expected this event to be HUGE we decided to give out prizes to a winner and runner up that the judges choose. This year winner was the creators of Sweeter With Company. Sweeter with Company is about the journey away from home and finding that feeling of being home wherever you go. Home is not always a place and you share that joy with others. Our runner up was the creators of Spectre Protector. You’ve come back from the dead as a ghost to protect your family from an evil demon army.

All of our participants made incredible games, and we encourage you to check out the others! Overall this year was a huge success and can’t wait for next year’s Global Game Jam.


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