This past weekend a few of our JDE board members flew out to Maryland to attend and showcase at MAGFest!  The game being showcased was Zac Mascarenas’s Sashimi Slammers, the fish controlled two-button fighting game.  It was so much fun to have people play the game with a smile as they tiredly smacked rubber fish.

We were located in the Indie Arcade section of MAGFest with a bunch of other interesting and fascinating alternative controller games.  Meeting so many creative developers was incredible as well.  We got to learn about their stories and processes of how they came to create their own inventive projects.  They were also excited to hear about the wackiness of Sashimi Slammers‘s slaptastic controllers.

Overall it was a really great experience to be able to show our talents to everyone at the festival and we would love to come back next year!

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