What’s going on guys and gals, it’s Gage here for yet another Game Jam Recap!

Just the other weekend, July 20th-22nd, we participated in an exciting jam hosted by En House Studios. They’re the creators of the successful kickstarter game, Glitched. Nikko, one of the members of En House, decided that our theme would be “Meta”.

With the theme out in the open our minds raced across a multitude of possibilities. We discussed the possibility of making a game where you’re making a game or even a game where you’re trying to fund a kickstarter. In the end we decide to go with a house decorating game.


You’re a house with a house inside of you and you decorate that house, go inside to the inner house, then repeat that process endlessly. We decided on the name En House Decorator as a subtle nod to the group. The game was created by Luke Mayo, Vadym Yanchuk, Aeron Delgadillo, Nate Rodriguez, Stephan Thelemaque, Tom Newsome, Eric Moen, and myself. Here’s a link to the game if you’re interested: https://goblindarts.itch.io/en-house-decorator


We were lucky enough to have Nikko visit us on Friday and deliver an amazing presentation on the kickstarter process. He went over his personal endeavors with the project and his thought process through every moment.

Nikko delved into a multitude of tips and tricks for making a “potentially successful” kickstarter. He suggested to try to keep the amount of text to “one word document’s worth”. He also mentioned how the first day is usually the most important and how production should more or less stop when kickstarting; everything needs to be focused on the kickstarter. You should also do extensive research on successful kickstarters and not so successful ones. Try to understand what some projects did correctly and what others didn’t. Overall, Nikko’s presentation was a wonderful learning experience.


The gang finished up En House Decorator Sunday evening and submitted our game to En House Studios. Everyone had a blast being a part of the development. I personally can’t wait to see what we make next.


Until next time!



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