Design Eachother


Our end goal is to produce both festival and portfolio worthy pieces that each group member can proudly display.


Inspired by DePaul University’s DePaul Game Elitists, the Junior Development Experience (JDE) was created to promote a community of passionate game developers. The first day together was April 18th, 2016 after Josh Delson proposed the studio. Members of the group were individually interviewed of all roles in order to form an all around team dynamic. To original intent was creating games for festivals, but over time the JDE became an open work space of creativity. The overall process was creating project during the summer, fall, and spring. During this time the team was mentored by various veterans in the game industry.

What We Do

  • Create portfolio worthy content
  • Bi-weekly game development concentrated workshops
  • Practice team collaboration skills in friendly environment game jams
  • Faculty concentrated mentorship & Industry related field trips
  • Give newer students a chance to do/learn more about game creation without feeling intimidated or overwhelmed
  • Provide a social atmosphere for passionate developers to pursue outside of class projects