Hi folks, Kailey here for a mid-quarter status update.

JDE recently restarted up a club at DePaul called “Well Played”. This club takes the structure of a book club and applies it to video games! This quarter we decided to play one game throughout the whole quarter so we’re playing Super Mario RPG. We’ve had about two meetings so far this quarter and it has been filled with fun discussions. We had members play up to star 2 for the first discussion. We’ve observed how different this game is from other Mario games and different aspects of Nintendo’s partnership with Square. We will continue having members play 2 stars for each meeting so the discussion is really focused on certain sections.

In other news, JDE is having our first game jam of quarter next week and we are super excited to announce our theme. This jam is going to be really fun for the participants this time around, we are also giving out prizes! Our first place winner will get a spot at the 2019 Minefaire showcase.

That’s all for now, see you next week!

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