Hey everyone!

This last week we had the amazing opportunity to kick off the academic year and showcase projects at Minefaire!

For our kick off event we shared our fall quarter agenda and details about these upcoming events. We had a bunch of new folks come out to this meeting so it was a blast meeting new people. Since many of these people we’re new we shared a brief history of the JDE and what we hope to accomplish by the end of the school year. We also answered any questions that some people had about the club. After a quick Q&A session, we had people stick around to mingle with one another! Overall it was a success!


Some members of the JDE were asked to showcase as Minefaire this past weekend. We had an amazing opportunity to showcase/promote what Chicago’s developers had to offer with a nonstop day of fun. The best part was that our booth had the sweet spot of the whole conference. Luckily we were right next to the autograph section and right behind the main stage section causing an endless amount of players throughout the day.

Some highlights were being able to show 4 completed projects and have gamers play each one from 9:00AM – 5:00PM without getting bored. Some kids loved the projects so much that we caused lines of players and had to create a time limit of game play! The downside of being so busy was that our energy got drained right after lunch. It was great seeing people handing off our projects to gamers, but with thousands of attendees can cause tiring for the showcasers.


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