Hey everyone!

This recent week we’ve had an amazing opportunity to make games and have a fun field trip. Members of the JDE spent their weekend participating in The Very First Ever Extra Credits Game Jam. Yes, that’s a long title, but the jam was worth every second. We were given from 10PM on Thursday til Midnight of Sunday to develop a game. It was up to us to choose our own 48 hours to develop and create a game.

The cool thing about this jam was the importance of staying healthy during the weekend. The hours were specifically made to accommodate developers internationally while avoiding the stress of deadlines. They knew people had jobs and priorities and helped create an inclusive environment to help other achieve. It seriously was amazing!

The JDE had two teams participate, one of alumni and others with current students. Throughout the weekend we had a blast making something inspired by Extra Credit’s Awesome per Second video. One game, JDE Drifter, was this awesome sci fi dasher and the other, OVERTIME, was a wario ware x visual novel x shounen anime experience. Everyone took there time and made sure breaks were happening to avoid crunch and unhealthy development. This gave everyone time to take a breather, have fun, get feedback on the Discord, and just make the fullest of what the jam has to offer.

Members got really passionate about this opportunity to show developers what the JDE has to offer. Some even made a parody Extra Credits video & game trailer as well! We were able to end the event on a high note too with a special invitation from a local studio in Chicago.

Right after The Very First Ever Extra Credits Game Jam, Young Horses graciously invited the JDE to playtest their upcoming title. Though we can’t talk about the game, it was super cool being able to visit a AA studio in Chicago! They were even in the same building as Chicago’s Indie City Co-Op! We had 10 participants join in and they had a blast doing Quality Assurance at their time there. Luckily members are good at breaking games so this helped bring a new perspective for the development team.

Phil Tibitoski from Young Horses

Overall it was great, as aspiring developers, to be able to meet such a lovely and dedicated team of people. Especially who are all alumni from DePaul University! Maybe in the future they’ll invite us back or something. With our week coming to a close, please join us for our end of the summer showcase! See you there! 🙂

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