Hey gang it’s Kailey again this time with a radical game jam recap

This past weekend, July 6th- 8th, we had another awesome game jam hosted by Vamped Games creators of Funk Unplugged! The theme was “Music was just Wiggly Air”.

We had a wonderful turn out and created two teams to participate. The first game created by John Scovic, DON and Thomas Newsome, is called “Root Note”.  The player tries to help their planets inhabitants by giving them some groovy melodies.  Capture Seeds of the instrument they desire, and plant the trees near them to satisfy their needs!


The other game is by,  Zac Mascarenas, George Sekalias, Gage O’Connor, Kailey Phan Mitchell, Scott Summers & Stepfan Thelemaque, and is called “Intended Resonance”. Intended Resonance is a game about working together in order to reach the end of a maze. Each player controls the other’s ‘resonance’ to see what is around them. Help one another traverse through the darkness with the power of music!


We also had Patrick Regan stop by during the jam to give us a post mortem. He talked about the ups and downs of working on their game Funk Unplugged.

The DePaul Alumni talked about the pros and cons of their development process. He talked about how his team mostly worked remotely with one another so it took them a longer time to create the game. He also talked about their kickstarters, the first one wasn’t super successful in their opinion but they did a second one and it was a success.  Patrick talked about the relief he has now since the games release. Some advice he game to us was “Play to your teams strengths” so that you can reliable expectations when working on a project. He also said that some general advice was get any idea/ prototype up and running as soon as possible!

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 10.34.57 PM.png

On Sunday, Dillion Wallace came back with Patrick to play the games we created. It was a super fun experience and a very unique jam! We had a blast, that’s all for now, thanks for tuning in!


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