Gage & Zac here again for another Game Jam review!

This time we’re tackling the exciting Nourishment Jam that we held on June 22. As the title suggests, the theme centered around all things food and food-loving.

Enough people participated enabling us to form one solid team and create a well-polished typing game called, Buddy Bugatti’s Tasty Town. We had a fun time refining our typing skills as well as gaining inspiration from YouTube food reviewer’s and other food celebrities.

On the road to completion, it would seem we faced multiple problems when it was one. That problem was the use of prefabs. In the we had to learn the hard way of depending on prefabs for certain aspects of unity like using canvas is not the greatest practice. But after some tinkering around and rearrange some tasks to separate mangers, we prevailed and finished up the game.

It was an interesting experience having a single team pump out polished work revolving around such a fun idea. As well as seeing the passion of the members who were willing to continue development on this game past the submission date. It was also great to see members willing to combat the inclement weather to jam it out with us that weekend.

The overall experience was fun and relaxing. Hope to see everyone next time for the Vamped Games Game Jam! See ya soon!

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