Howdy Folks!

Zac again, recently the Indie City Games May Meetup occurred and some spicy things went down. Starting off the event was a presentation from Billy Basso. He gave us the rundown of his experience making game engines in C++ and how it all began with emulating what other editors had provided, but then went into some weird unorthodox methods in making personal engines that are meant to only be used in solo projects. While indeed unorthodox extremely enlightening in providing a different approach to making engines.

Billy Basso giving a talk about rolling his own engine and level editor from scratch in C++, and some of the cool advantages this approach has afforded him.

From there the meetup went into their Indie Open Mic, a period where indie folk from all over are given 5 minutes a piece to present what they are working on. During this month’s session some folks went on about some weird fish fighting game, I wonder who they were, as well as others going into depth about updates on their indie projects that they have been working on for a while. There was even an attendee, Sarah Sexton, who shared their knowledge on how to make a chat bot as well as the one they had produced. Once the open mic ended the open play / mingling period began. During this time those who had their gear for their games set up shop for playtesting and invited all to playtest. While attendees play tested the games, everyone ranging from students to industry folk mingled and networked.

Indie City May Meeting Dinner

After the event happened, we had an awesome birthday dinner with the indie developers there. We shared tons of cool ideas, jokes, and stories on Chicago and games as whole. Overall this day was really helpful because it gave an insight of what our community has to offer. We look forward to the next event and hopefully having more passionate students attending and showcasing!


(Photos courtesy of Sarah Sexton – @Saelia)

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