Hey guys, Sam here to go over the most recent showcase that occurred at DePaul. Last week was spring break, and with that comes the half way point of development for our games. Therefore, a showcase was held at DePaul in order for teams to show off the games they were working on. It largely followed the same format that the end of the year capstone showcase takes, but was a great opportunity for an en masse playtest, as we got more than 30 people to play our game within the span of just a few hours. It was not just the quantity of the people that was great, but also the diversity of playtesters that really helped us come to terms with elements of the game that were and were not working. For example, players really enjoyed the intro of the observatory and many cited the sense of accomplishment of escaping the observatory and viewing the beautiful forest as one of the highlights of the game. This was great news to hear and meant that the tutorial of the game was working quite well. The mass amount of playtesters also helped to solidify elements of the game that we needed to focus on, such as the need for some sort of checkpoint system to help player’s keep track of their stars and to help eliminate frustration in the game. The showcase was very informative and also served as a great reality check for our game as well, forcing us to confront issues that we hadn’t thought about. Below are some pictures taken from the showcase.


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