Bringing concepts to life…

Hello again! Tiffany here.

This week, we went through making a lot of changes to our designs and concepts for the ship game we are making. An idea everyone liked was some type of catamaran, and we came up with a collaborative sketch of what we all think might make a good model for our ship in Maya.

Our players have the opportunity to move around the ship and go to different stations of the ship, so we had to create an interesting space for them to move around on. While we haven’t completely solidified the shapes of certain things or the designs or things like weapons, we are working together to make it all come together.

Here is a quick preview of where our ship model is as of today, with more iterations coming in during the week.

I am really excited for this model, and it will be a lot of fun to throw some textures and sculpted elements on to it to truly bring it to life (at least, as much as an inanimate object can be brought to life).

Enjoy and you’ll hear from me again soon!

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