Getting to work on art

Hey everyone, welcome to Team Phoenix! We are working on a battleship type game set in a bio-luminescent world, so our art direction for this game is going to be very interesting and a lot of fun.

To start, we have been gathering references of cool settings with vivid colors – mostly oranges, blues, greens, and some purples. We are going for a kind of tropical world, as well. All of these neat colors are going to be reflected in our ships, environment assets, shores, and characters! So far, my team has been putting all of these references together, as well as having conversations of what we might like to see. We will have some cool concepts coming soon, so keep an eye out for what we have been up to. This is something we are super excited about!

Here is a sneak preview of a WIP for one of our ship designs. We are working with a lot of different ship types, and we will be adding more to these designs after everyone kind of talks through what we have and what our gameplay goals are. An interesting concept we want to play with is having the environment becoming a visual aspect of the ship, almost like it is kind of taking over the vessel. Enjoy!


concept 1 ship.png

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