In class, our team presented our top 3 ideas for our senior Capstone. This was in class at DePaul University where peers would give feedback on how they view the project.

The first was Water World (Squort), where the player is an aquatic animal with the ability to swim through any terrain.There they find themselves head to head with your friends in different environments to see who is the better aquatic specimen.

The second was PickPuppet, where they player must steal money from human people in order to take care of its children. This can only be complete by secretly taking items out of zippers, pockets, and more. Oh yeah, they’re a cute Papa Puppet!

The final idea was Ethereal Cruise, where a fox spirit explores ethereal forests on an alien planet with the help of the stars on a search to find his soulmate.

After our presentation in class there was a class vote on the three ideas we had. Water World (Squort) received 6 votes, PickPuppet received 8 votes, and Ethereal Cruise received 9 votes. Team Chimera is leaning towards doing Ethereal Cruise after discussing as a group in class and we are waiting for feedback from our instructor before we decide to pick a game. We agreed to meet as a group and play a few games like Journey and Okami to get an experience of the games.

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