More Planes!

Today starts the end of Humani Tsunami and the beginning of Contrail. We as a group started looking at concrete festivals related to the game we were trying to work on. Contrail is a competitive multiplayer game where players fly around a unique space and attempt to cut one another off by creating a collidable trail. The trails persists on the map, creating more obstacles overtime for the players to avoid. It was like Tron, but in a 3D world. What we want the audience to feel when designing this was an easy to pick up game, but can be hard to master. Something with a stylized reality visual, but if need be, solid color pallettes.

In the team meeting, we talked about what can we make in 10 weeks, a base game mode. What is our vision as a team was Futuristic Modeling or Wind Waker Visuals. Below are some things we put on our mood board.


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