We brainstormed 14 potential ideas for our next game. The majority of the games were focused on creating local based games and we were researching if our brainstormed games have been created in the past. Over the weekend the group was assigned to brainstorm and bring in new ideas for the next week. The methods we used were paper jams, talking about what we liked about our favorite games, talking about what we disliked and how we could improve those games, looking into the core of a certain games within genres, physical activities we played in the past, and researching other local based games.

We looked into successful franchises such as rock band, Nintendo, Guitar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution, Wario Ware, etc. The reason why we looked into these franchises was because they were playing the game locally. We grew up with these couch games and had fond memories of playing them. The thought of playing together in one room was an experience we wanted to portray to our players.

As a group, we found a research study about multiplayer games. The study was researching if players were more competitive or cooperative. In the research they found out that the older the player, the less competitive they were. We had to consider who our audience and we found this study to be helpful information.

The next week consists of a pitching to our instructor. We had two plans, if one of our pitches was approved, we would continue working on that game. If the game was denied, we would continue brainstorming and pitch new games to our instructor on the first day of class.

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