This week we decided to finalize our level blockout and change how our level looked. Originally, we were planning to have the level be made as a low poly terrain, until we found out that hexagonal terrain stands out and doesn’t blend with our assets. It looked better than how we originally planned and shifted our level design to be made out of hexagonal pieces. After we completed the level design for one portion of the map, we discussed that the map would be too large. Since one region of the map was too big, it would have been a huge map if we added the other two regions. Since we were restricted on time, we decided to have that one region layout as the entire map. That one region would be split into the three regions that we originally planned (Jungle, Boneyard, and Tar Pit).

Near the end of the week, the basic animations and our character models were completed. We were also designing on how the regions will be split in the level to create an unique experience that allows the player to explore through the level. After finalizing where the regions go, we will be adding the quests and environmental assets into the game. Since we made the hexagonal level change, our programmers were looking into how the player can navigate through the level.

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