The ‘Shark Fin’ Theory

The designers of the JDE had the opportunity to talk to industry veterans who were also Founders of the former DGE. One of them, Patrick Curry, is a current developer at Unity who gave a lot of insight from his time at DePaul University. Since Patrick has so much experience, Sam, Andy, and I spent our afternoon doing a Skype call with him about the DGE to now.

Lets start with a little about him. Patrick Curry was an employee at DePaul who overlooked the first two DGEs at DePaul. The first DGE was supposed to be a one time thing with the university, Devil’s Tuning Fork. Because the team had so much success and was able to showcase their game at IGF, the school decided to go a second round. This soon led to Octodad, a comedic like adventure that made DePaul what it is today. Once this was done, Patrick Curry and the co founder Alex Seropian left DePaul to come back into the industry.


Shark Fin Theory


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