The designers of the JDE had the opportunity to talk to industry veterans who were also Founders of the former DGE. One of them, Patrick Curry, is a current developer at Unity who gave a lot of insight from his time at DePaul University. Since Patrick has so much experience, Sam, Andy, and Josh spent their afternoon doing a Skype call with him about the DGE to now.

Lets start with a little about him. Patrick Curry was an employee at DePaul who overlooked the first two DGEs at DePaul. The first DGE was supposed to be a one time thing with the university, Devil’s Tuning Fork. Because the team had so much success and was able to showcase their game at IGF, the school decided to go a second round. This soon led to Octodad, a comedic like adventure that made DePaul what it is today. Patrick Curry always shared a neat philosophy with his students called the Shark Fin Theory.


Shark Fin Theory

Basically this philosophy captivates the idea of what the game industry like and a part of the unknown. These three circles overlap to show games that are being made or re-hashed, but the Shark Fin Theory is the gap of games that people still have not seen/experienced. This was a philosophy that overlapped with Octodad and Devil’s Tuning Fork. During its time these projects took new ideas and meshed them together. This created a sense of innovation and creativity for its audience as a whole.


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