Going to Bit Bash this year was incredibly useful as a fellow designer and producer of games. The biggest thing that stuck out to me was the focus on couch co-op games. From Regular Human Basketball to Pocket Rumble, we are, at least in the Chicago scene, are seeing a renaissance of sorts in terms of local play games. Even more astounding than a focus on local co-op is the clear dedication to simple, but fun mechanics. Now, a cynic may say that this dedication to simplicity has its roots in the fact that many people at Bit Bash were casual gamers, who were more interested in having a good time then experiencing deep, layered mechanics. However, I would say that this laser focus on the basics allows a team of developers to hang their hats on thoughtful design and smart choices, rather than unnecessary flash and a retread of the past in a different skin. This is a lesson I hope to take with us as we continue to work on our games. Below are some games that really caught my eye while at Bit Bash.

regular human basketball.png

pocekt rumble.png




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