Abilities Concept
Player Abilities  designed from Week #1

After a week of designing the gameplay of Humani Tsunami, we decided to do a Prehistoric Level for our Vertical Slice. We as a team had to decide on how the terrain would work for the player with our game. The original gameplay consisted of geometric box like terrain, but the question was how it would work with our mechanics. In the original build, the player were only able to do the Humani Tsunami, aka basic hoard movement. Within the last week and feedback from the Public Showcase, we decided to flesh out the player more and have it do more abilities.

Screenshot (180)
Original Protoype


Since we’ve created new abilities, there came the question on how to implement abilities cohesively with the terrain. Since we have 4 main abilities within the game, each have different movements and area radius of what it can affect. The Tornado swirls in the sky while the Earthquake trembles the ground. In Humani Tsuanmi’s Prototype, we have Vertical Terrain making abilities a little more complicated. We talked a lot about if we used the Tornado ability on a vertical terrain and how would it would work with programming. We’ve come to a wall with trying to figure out how this would work development wise. We even invited tutors and developers in the Chicago land to try solving this problem. In the end, we found out every solution would be complicated.

Brainstorming Vertical Terrain

We soon asked ourselves if we actually needed the steep vertical terrain. In reality we didn’t because it was just an aesthetic for visuals. Towards the end of the week, we decided to decrease vertical height and add ramps instead. This made things reasonable for the abilities we had and also made programming less complicated. We then used the original concept art for our block out and revamped it one last time.


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