Humani Tsunami has gone through a lot of design pitches and phases to flesh the gameplay out. The original concept was just destroying objects in this geometric like world, but it seemed too similar to mobile games and other hoard based mechanics. We decided as a team, that we should try making less about destroying and more about the people within the game. People in the team proposed that it should be gory and demolishing worlds while others pitched that it should be narrative like telling a story.

What we forgot to talk about was why the player is doing stuff in Humani Tsunami. We kept thinking about the wrap, but the core reason why there is a Humani in our game. This was a tough challenge to face since some people in the team are currently out of the city doing internships. Instead of brainstorming on the extras for our game, we spent hours talking about why the player is actually doing stuff. Were the Humani trying to do good or bad things in the game? Were there moral based decisions the player had to decide? Is a story needed? Soon we came to the concept of Noah’s Ark from the Bible and how he saved all the animals from a horrid fluid. We thought that’d be something that can work so instead of destroying the world, we would be saving its inhabitants while indirectly destroying whats happening.

This game soon became the idea of Humani Tsunami seeing a vision on how Earth is in danger, so they send out people to save inhabitants over time. Thus being the reason why dinosaurs went instinct. The game soon became the an easter egg like exploration where you venture out across the world and affecting its people.

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