Snow Angel is a game about guiding and protecting a baby penguin from the dangers of the outside world. Controlling a benevolent “Snow Angel”, players manipulate the environment, placing platforms and other obstacles to ensure the baby penguin makes it home in one piece. The game is inspired by classic games like Lemmings and Super Mario. It blends together the reflexive nature of platforms while focusing on environmental manipulation and quick thinking that makes games like Lemmings such a joy to play. The twist of Snow Angel, however, is that unlike traditional platforms, the player has no direct control over their character. Instead, they must manipulate the environment and place platforms to alter their character’s behavior (speed, location, ect.)  and avoid obstacles along the way. Below is a screenshot of the game:

Snow Angel screencap

As you can see, Snow Angel is a 2D game. Using the mouse, players place various platforms (in this case, a ramp) that alters the path and behavior of the penguin. In the case of the ramp, the penguin moves the penguin upwards, which is useful for avoiding pits and dodging spikes located on platforms. While a relatively simple idea, the game is built on this core: at manipulating the environment at the right time. Additional levels push this core to its limit and additional blocks also help to push this point home.

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