After 20+ games made from our first few weeks together and the JDE Showcase, it was time to decide our next steps. We broke down into two units to flesh out and design how to make these games something unique for our players to remember. We didn’t want to make a game already out, but with a different wrap around it. So we looked at the feedback surveys and notes from our Showcase the week before for input. Some games had a lot of potential based off the feedback and team ideas while others had its limit.

When both units were done brainstorming every game to pursue, we came back together to pitch our ideas to each other. The Showcase feedback really helped our pitching session since we had various developers of major game companies as well as judges of major festivals like IGF and IndieCade. This helped structure major things festivals can look for (marketing, innovation, polished, etc.).

From endless pitching and brainstorming, we soon came down to three games the teams and feedback had a strong passion for; Humani Tsunami, Snow Angel, and Stay Cool! We ended up putting Stay Cool on the side because it targeted a specific audience, being a game of using four DDR Pads. With over 10 members and team experience, we decided it was possible to split the team in half. They would spend a month working on Vertical Slice and decide where to go from there.

Later the Producers talked to each member one on one to figure out which game they would like to pursue. With that they broke down team balance with concentrations then figured out how to balance it without audio and art contractors. Below is the team split in half for our Vertical Slice Stage.


JDE Civil War (No Text)
Humani Tsunami (Above) / Snow Angel (Below)

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