After a month of prototyping, we decided to invite people to try out our top ideas. Using social media and our networks, the team outreached to developers in the industry, faculty at the school, alumni, and various friends. This was to help get various viewpoints from a larger audience. For the showcase we decided to pick 8 projects to promote  from our team members. Ranging from games of many mediums, this was an open feedback session of our games that can decide our next steps.


The showcase had over 40 people attend, making this a successful event for our team and for networking. Lead Designers of both Indie and AAA companies visited with tons of feedback for our demos. This helped everyone understand the pros and cons of each project we’ve been doing. There were tons of laughs and surprises on the games we have created. Some were experiences not touched by developers which boosted the teams morale. From the feedback, we’ve created games for specifically Indie Festivals and Major ones. This had the producers and designers think about what kind of games can we pursue through the JDE. By the end of the day, it came down to the question, “What’s Next?”.


Showcase Games

Showcase Preview.png


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